By Drea Sebastiano-Stanley

What’s worst is this feeling,
that I have already lost you.
Though your body in my arms
I feel your breath,
the sticking of your skin
Our bodies unfolding…

Days of you
Months of you
You expand in my mind
In my heart
In my life…

And yet, I feel like I have already lost you.

I weep sometimes for your absence
I reason your disappearance
I ploy to obstruct after you exit
I plan a rebirth after your removal

You exclaim your love for me.
You plan our lives together.
While I lament over our death.

Drea occasionally is a commentary writer, poet, and stand-up comedian. She frequently has a problem with committing to “labels” and resides in Seattle, WA…for now. Follow her journey on Instagram (@dreadomenica). Read about her experience of relationships defining her perception of sex and sexuality and the “fair-weathered” acceptance of both the gay and straight communities to her “coming out” into the grey area that is bisexuality in her blog post, The Bi-Stander: “Pick a side, already!”.

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