[Poetry] A Common Reality

By Sophie Dunne He is pale like a cloudHis skin like melting ice cream Blowing me kisses as I work Leaning far over his seat About to fallAs he devours my presenceAnd attempts to maul He stands to stretch as I approach that area And like a security guardInspects my body as he passes me by Feeling my uniform morph into … Continue reading [Poetry] A Common Reality

[Poetry] Touch

By Mallory Abreu I used to sleeppassed out cold. Liquor curdling my bloodon a Tuesday dawn. I’d wake and cringe,every fiber of me shrinking from the light. Kick off the covers,wanting so badly to not bepresent in my own bodythat I couldn’t standto feel their touch.  Numbness was existencethe breathing alone, painful,so when darkness droppedand nothing was left to … Continue reading [Poetry] Touch

Take up space in a more positive and healthy way with GirlKindCommunity

By Silvana Kroni Every cloud and all that. Even COVID. It wasn’t until I had to self isolate (possibly with COVID, we don’t know as it was too early on to get tests at the time) that I threw myself into GirlKindCommunity (also known as GKC). I started the account sometime last November but wasn’t … Continue reading Take up space in a more positive and healthy way with GirlKindCommunity

[Poetry] no one way to be a womxn

By Pooja Kadaboina womxn.to not beof the ability to:shed clots of red,house the biology to nurture a pregnancy,produce too little or too many hormones,makes me no less of whoi am. i am not:- what lies betweenmy legs,- a number, a statistic, a conduitfor your heedless campaigns,for, i refusea misappropriation of:my identity,a debate around:my being. i am:all … Continue reading [Poetry] no one way to be a womxn