By Jade Bald As a kid, I was always moving because my mom couldn’t get her life in order and went back to school full time to study law after having me. She had a decade between the time she finished her geology masters and when I came along, I don’t understand why she couldn’t … Continue reading Roamer

5 Queer Hispanic Showgirls Everyone Should Know

By Ficheraz Mexico City, June 22nd 2020 — Queer culture has always been marginalized, usually reduced to an afterthought in the mainstream consciousness. Until a couple years ago, before shows like RuPaul's Drag Race and Pose appeared, queer entertainment was heavily associated with everything beyond the border of the underground. However, LGBT artists have lived … Continue reading 5 Queer Hispanic Showgirls Everyone Should Know

Quantum Leap

By Maria Molina  “I think something happens in your late 20’s, early 30’s, where all of a sudden we’re expected to quantum leap […] no one expects a gradual path anymore; it has to be all of a sudden you live in this kind of place, and you’re in this kind of a relationship, and … Continue reading Quantum Leap