“Dangerous Beasts”: The Threat of the Outspoken Woman

By Europe & Me's Nicoletta Enria “A woman who writes has power. A woman with power is feared, In the eyes of the world this makes us dangerous beasts”.Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa Let’s face it – nobody likes an outspoken woman. Expressing an opinion, and god forbid – expressing anger regarding any form of injustice perpetrated … Continue reading “Dangerous Beasts”: The Threat of the Outspoken Woman


A poem by Drea Sebastiano-Stanley I don’t know what happened while I was sleeping Was it a full moon Did some cosmic force collide Because today I feel a peace I haven’t had Or perhaps Forgotten Drea occasionally is a commentary writer, poet, and stand-up comedian. She frequently has a problem with committing to “labels” … Continue reading Untitled