Why Fat-Shaming doesn’t hurt me anymore

By Ina Lee I'm in size Medium/UK 10/ US 6. People call me fat my whole life but honestly I don't care. Growing up in Hong Kong/Asia, the traditional Asian beauty standard haunted me since I was young. Thin and pale being the beauty standard, I have never been close to it. I am tan, … Continue reading Why Fat-Shaming doesn’t hurt me anymore


By Maria Molina “And I’m talking to God again too He said sometimes you gotta guard for your guardian too You did your best with your lemons and now it’s clear Cause I lived under your heart for almost a whole year So I could never not be an extension of you   Tears streaming as … Continue reading Mami

[Short Film] I’m Surprised

https://youtu.be/hXqcaPmQnjg "We are accompanied by uncertainty, fear, loneliness, sadness and helplessness. We are constantly surprised by the constant struggle for our rights in Poland." Two artists from Poland have contacted A Tribe Of Women to spread awareness about the situation of women in Poland during the pandemic. While health is a priority, Politicians in Poland are … Continue reading [Short Film] I’m Surprised

Depression stole 13 years of my life… and here’s how I overcame it.

By Julia Nguyen Although approximately 264 million people in the world suffer from depression, it remains a health problem swept under the rug. If someone is suffering from a physical illness like diabetes or hypertension, then it is deemed worthy of treatment. Depression, being an unseen illness that impacts our minds, is something that many choose … Continue reading Depression stole 13 years of my life… and here’s how I overcame it.