By Aniliyah Richardson To be rich in knowledge becoming thicker than abundance, her coatings are none other than the pride she was born with. She craved the self-respect of one’s selfless image. Folding into old habits through the skin of… Read More ›

Quantum Leap

By Maria Molina  “I think something happens in your late 20’s, early 30’s, where all of a sudden we’re expected to quantum leap […] no one expects a gradual path anymore; it has to be all of a sudden you… Read More ›


By Maria Molina “And I’m talking to God again too You did your best with your lemons and now it’s clear Cause I lived under your heart for almost a whole year So I could never not be an extension… Read More ›

Reclaiming My Femininity

By Derya Yildirim For the past two years, I’ve been focusing on practicality: sublime productivity, getting stuff done. As a university student living abroad, that’s what I ought to do, right? Focus on getting. Stuff. Done. And so I did…. Read More ›