A Common Reality

By Sophie Dunne He is pale like a cloudHis skin like melting ice cream Blowing me kisses as I work Leaning far over his seat About to fallAs he devours my presenceAnd attempts to maul He stands to stretch as I approach that area And… Read More ›


By Mallory Abreu I used to sleeppassed out cold. Liquor curdling my bloodon a Tuesday dawn. I’d wake and cringe,every fiber of me shrinking from the light. Kick off the covers,wanting so badly to not bepresent in my own bodythat I couldn’t standto feel… Read More ›


By Mit Reverie I may not be perfectI may have many flawsI may deviate from my plan Still all these are a part of meNot all sculpture are beautiful from beginningNot all seeds germinate from fruit ripeningEvery story has many chaptersChapters… Read More ›

She Is

By Katy Kettner She is She is a fortress, a vessel, an embodied cathedral She is sacred, she is messy, she is mine She listens, she hears, she see’s She speaks   She plays, she rests, she births; many things… Read More ›

Melanin Mama’s

By Lourdes She with skin the color of loveHer the one who’s been chosen by the sunLips of plumWarrior tongueWith a complexion that tells a story of where we all came fromWoman of fireBecause She can take and create the… Read More ›

Fairy Tales

By Akshaya Pai Oh princess, Oh princessYour story was so wrongly toldThat made all little girls dreamOf a happily ever after when they’re old. But to live in our world,You must be a fighter.You may be written by a man,But… Read More ›

Disturbing my peace

By Lourdes Whistles while I walk byOne is bold enough to grab my wristHe simultaneously winks and throws an air kissTo them being female means I asked for this“All I want is some spaceKeep your hands off of meGet the… Read More ›