A Common Reality

By Sophie Dunne He is pale like a cloudHis skin like melting ice cream Blowing me kisses as I work Leaning far over his seat About to fallAs he devours my presenceAnd attempts to maul He stands to stretch as I approach that area And… Read More ›


By Mallory Abreu I used to sleeppassed out cold. Liquor curdling my bloodon a Tuesday dawn. I’d wake and cringe,every fiber of me shrinking from the light. Kick off the covers,wanting so badly to not bepresent in my own bodythat I couldn’t standto feel… Read More ›


By Mit Reverie I may not be perfectI may have many flawsI may deviate from my plan Still all these are a part of meNot all sculpture are beautiful from beginningNot all seeds germinate from fruit ripeningEvery story has many chaptersChapters… Read More ›

She Is

By Katy Kettner She is She is a fortress, a vessel, an embodied cathedral She is sacred, she is messy, she is mine She listens, she hears, she see’s She speaks   She plays, she rests, she births; many things… Read More ›

Melanin Mama’s

By Lourdes She with skin the color of loveHer the one who’s been chosen by the sunLips of plumWarrior tongueWith a complexion that tells a story of where we all came fromWoman of fireBecause She can take and create the… Read More ›

Fairy Tales

By Akshaya Pai Oh princess, Oh princessYour story was so wrongly toldThat made all little girls dreamOf a happily ever after when they’re old. But to live in our world,You must be a fighter.You may be written by a man,But… Read More ›

Disturbing my peace

By Lourdes Whistles while I walk byOne is bold enough to grab my wristHe simultaneously winks and throws an air kissTo them being female means I asked for this“All I want is some spaceKeep your hands off of meGet the… Read More ›


By Drea Sebastiano-Stanley What’s worst is this feeling,that I have already lost you.Though your body in my armsI feel your breath,the sticking of your skinOur bodies unfolding… Days of youMonths of youYou expand in my mindIn my heartIn my life…… Read More ›